Sustainable Investing

Many ways to make a difference

There are many ways to make a difference in our community and world: We volunteer, stay informed about issues important to us, build relationships, engage politically, and devote ourselves to careers in which we can make a contribution. Since the mid-90s, a growing number of people have also recognized the power to make a difference through their investing. While there are many names for the same or closely related approaches--sustainable, impact, socially responsible--what's come to be called Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing (ESG) can help you in shaping your portfolio to support your beliefs.

You may want to focus your resources to support environmental sustainability, or excellent employers, or good corporate citizens. Perhaps you want to withhold your financial support from organizations in industries or making products that don't match your convictions. With research and resources available to us, VIA Wealth Management can work with you to align your values with your portfolio.

We work with experienced leaders and portfolio managers in the field to be sure we can offer informed counsel and the services to reflect in your investments what you find important in your life. You can attend to your principles and your principal at the same time.

Investing in Your Values