Risk Management

What's your right fit?

Many financial professionals often talk about risk in terms of “appetite,” from which some may infer that a big appetite is better than a small one. That's just not the case. When it comes to risk, we find it more productive to think in terms of the right fit for you.

There are two major factors that will affect your right fit for risk: how much time you have to recoup any loss in value and your willingness to accept uncertainties. That second factor is sometimes difficult to assess because it arises from both emotional and objective sources, and often must be a compromise between two partners. For many of us, money is wrapped up with powerful emotions, including security, confidence, and fear. We work with you to see and avoid emotional, short-term decisions that can have detrimental consequences you don't intend.

VIA Wealth Management uses a trusted technology-based tool, Riskalyze, that helps to identify your tolerance for risk. With your individual Riskalyze results, we have the insight we need to guide your decisions, ensuring your comfort and confidence at every step along the way.

Does My Portfolio Fit Me?

Working within your right fit for risk, we'll identify vulnerabilities, help you understand what is and is not within your control, help you “stay the course” when times are uncertain or markets vulnerable, and make changes in your plan to keep it--and your goals--on track.

After all, why take more risk than you have to?

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