Portfolio Management

Designed to last

There isn't a single right path to reaching your goals; each path has its own advantages and hazards. At VIA Wealth Management, we believe that the best paths are those that recognize your goals, and then protect your principal while delivering steady, risk-managed returns.

Working as your portfolio manager, we build portfolios designed to withstand adverse conditions with a focus on achieving target returns. Our approach to managing risk in your portfolio involves establishing an asset allocation strategy that takes into consideration volatility and the probability of market declines. The goal of an asset allocation strategy is to combine investments in various asset classes to create a properly diversified investment strategy. Investment styles go in and out of favor. Since no one can know when style leadership will change, we recommend a fully diversified portfolio to enhance performance consistency.

At VIA we actively research and select the best investment talent and portfolio managers available. As an independent financial services firm VIA has access to many of the most widely recognized money managers in the world. The institutional investment managers and portfolios we recommend meet standards of excellence across a variety of dimensions including:

  • Quality and stability of the organization
  • Soundness and clarity of their investment philosophy
  • Reliability and discipline of their investment process
  • Consistency of their investment style and performance
  • Cost-effectiveness and tax efficiency

Creating the portfolio is only the first step, though. As your life, priorities, and markets change, it's important to monitor your portfolio: Does it still reflect your goals? Is it properly balanced, given changes in the market and in your assets? Does it take advantage of both strategic and tactical opportunities? Do your investments reflect your values to the degree that you choose? Do you feel the confidence you'd like, given current conditions?

We'll check in with you regularly to review your plan, inquire whether your financial circumstances or goals have changed, and provide consolidated performance reporting.

Comprehensive portfolio reporting can be provided in regular conversations--in person or by phone, and you have 24/7 access to your account information through our online services.

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