Our Values

Relationships Come First

At VIA Wealth Management, we believe that advice from a trusted financial professional can help people make better financial decisions, achieve their goals, and prepare for life's changes. What we do and how we work with our clients are based on the values that led to the establishment of VIA Wealth Management.

Relationships come first. We strive to create enduring relationships. We believe the foundation of a long-term relationship is trust, and we work hard to earn that trust with integrity and honesty. We maintain the highest level of ethical and professional standards through every client engagement.

Competence should be an expectation you never need to question. We hold ourselves responsible for ongoing research; staying current with the market and innovative technology, and resources available to our clients; being creative and keeping a spirit of exploration; employing a disciplined process; embracing best practices from others in our field.

We encourage Balance, not only in investing but between work and play, abundance and simplicity, adventure and achievement, impact and returns. We believe that balance is part of what gives us peace of mind, which we hope is an outcome of our work with clients.

VIA is about so much more than investments. We take the Long View, which to us implies responsibility for resources of all kinds. It underscores the importance of simplicity and a vision for those things that we want to endure--whether in our own lives or in the world around us. We think stewardship requires that we look beyond ourselves and beyond our own lives.

We see our business as a way to make a difference in people's lives, but also to bring positive change to the world.