In Our Community

Giving Back

VIA Wealth Management is committed to building a strong business culture and continually finding ways to give back to our community and our planet.

Our values encourage us to look beyond ourselves and to practice gratitude, to act in a spirit of abundance. That leads us to support a number of organizations in our community who are doing good. We believe it's our responsibility to empower people to live their fullest lives, support our community, advocate for and help those who are in need, and take care of nature, wildlife, and waterways. We invite you to join us in pursuit of a world that is free of violence and homelessness, where good health is achievable, and where arts support our spirits and all of creation can thrive.

We may let you know about opportunities to volunteer or contribute in our community; we'll also share stories when VIA Wealth Management is able to support the work of these organizations:

  • American Cancer Society works to save lives and create a world with less cancer. They help people stay well and get well, find cures and fight back against cancer.
  • Blue Lake Public Radio shares classical and jazz music that feeds the spirit, as well as civic information like NPR's Morning Edition, all as an adjunct of Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.
  • Center for Women in Transition responds to, reduces, and prevents domestic and sexual violence through education, collaboration, advocacy, and crisis services, right here in our community.
  • Harbor Humane Society gives animals a second chance at life and love, looking to secure their future through outreach and educational programs. We see the unconditional love our pets share with us as a model for our own relationships!
  • Holland Free Health Clinic provides free health services for un- and under-insured people, helping them to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and take control of their health.
  • Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity builds and repairs homes, based on the belief that everyone deserves a decent place to live and that, when they have it, our community is a better place.
  • National Audubon Society shares our interest in legacy by conserving and restoring natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats. Like us, they think systemically, recognizing the benefit of those habitats to humanity and the earth's biological diversity.
  • Shields of Hope spreads hope, love, and encouragement to those in our community affected by cancer, hoping to make the lives of women, children, and families a little bit easier. The organization is run by local public safety professionals.
  • Sierra Club works both inside Michigan and across the nation to protect our water and natural resources, as well as to pursue environmental justice. They provide avenues and resources to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet.
  • Women Who Care is a local group of about 200 women who participate in quarterly organized giving to area nonprofits working to improve lives in our community. They demonstrate the power of collective giving!
  • World Wildlife Federation, as the world's leading conservation organization, works in 100 countries to protect the future of nature. Their action is both local and global, seeing innovation that serves both people and nature.